Our Valuable Clients

Our partners in the success journey.

A real time mobile application to link between drivers and end users
who need captains to reach their distination. Wngo is covered most egyptain regions and governments.

An agent to German cars in Egypt who offers for you all German cars through its website.

A dental company which is the officila dealer for DentSply sirona in MENA region for dental suppliments and equipments.

An Italian brand for doctors scrubs with very elite and branding styles.

Dr.Micheal Maged center is a dental clinic which is well equiped with the latest technology in the world dentistry and provides the highest level of quality.

One of our valued clients who we have participated in a different challenge together through Shaft-Dhon program. It was a program which showed on Al-Nahar TV within Ramadan month.

A mobile application which gathering doctors from many different regions in Egypt.Through it, the users can book their appropriate appointment. In addition many different features which are very valuable to both doctors and users.

One of the first clients which shares more success and challenges with us, it’s a different clinical pharmacy that aims to provide many different medical services to its audience from a medical perspective.

An e-commerce platform that gathering the most number of brands in one place and provides all products with offers to the end users. There are many different features that enhance and motivate the end users to take the buying action at the end.

A website that is the first from its kind in Egypt in manufacturing the healthy suger and distribute to overall Egypt.

An American brand which offers cosmetics products with a high quality to its audience.

A website for construction company that provides its construction services for building industry from different perspectives with a very branded way.

A digital service such as electronic auctions that gathering the business owners who have the supplements and the end users who have the buying need.